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Welcome to Veritas Marketing! We truly believe in giving you the best information regarding advertising and marketing that money can’t buy. On this page, we’ll cover a marketing company in Atlanta, Georgia (there are a ton of them), viral marketing strategies, and best practices in on-page optimization of blogs. So, if you are asking yourself, “How do I optimize my blog?” You’ve definitely come to the right place.

Veritas Marketing Answers “How Do I Optimize My Blog?”

To be honest with you, it’s a lot easier than you may think. Optimizing your blog to be found by the search engines isn’t just ideal, it’s necessary. There are several factors to keep in mind when doing this and walk you through each one, step by step. I’ll cover how to come up with fresh content for your blog subscribers, on-page optimization factors that influence search engine rankings, getting your content in the social media world – and possibly taking it viral, and proper linking methods that are safe post Penguin 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and infinity.

I have been studying the search engines for quite some time now and I have noticed one company in the marketing industry who has been doing some pretty cool things with social media sites to get them ranked very high in the search engines. Apparently, this company had some past employee write a negative online review about them and it was killing their business. How did they beat their negative reputation online? You guessed it, optimizing those FREE social networking profiles and getting them in front of their target audience. The company I’m talking about here is Veritas Inc in Atlanta, GA.

They’ve got blogs among blogs with a ton of content that is all highly optimized to rank well for their name. For example, through their LinkedIn profile, Veritas Inc Atlanta posts a lot of pictures that showcase the companies advertising portfolios and an extensive array of content for internet marketers. You may want to check that one out.

Veritas Inc’s Story Before Atlanta

Veritas Inc AtlantaSo the story of Veritas Inc in Atlanta, GA is pretty interesting actually. The company started with just a couple of employees back in Denver, CO. I’m not sure what it was called then, as marketing companies often expand to new locations and incorporate as separate businesses. This helps to lessen liability and allows the person who is running that marketing office free reign of the campaign.

Anyway, they expanded…and expanded…and expanded…to now a massive 75 nationwide network of offices and they now have a headquarters at 3715 Northside Parkway NW, Building 200 Suite 400, Atlanta, Georgia 30327, (404) 869-0015.

I know what you’re thinking. No, this isn’t network marketing or mlm. It’s classified as marketing, but should really be classified as a sales company. So, how did they do it? They have had to recruit a TON of people to fill those spots. Therefore, the company is always hiring.

So, naturally when the turnover fairy comes along and picks some sales and marketers out of the mix to get terminated, call in sick too often and become unemployed, or quit, it allows for some bad tastes in those individual’s mouths. It’s not just with Veritas Inc Atlanta, it’s with every company on the planet.

Once the employee has been let go, they then gripe about how much money they weren’t making anyway. Go figure. Some of these people actually believe that the company is a scam. How frightening….or maybe how ignorant? The company has been in business for over ten years and has had massive growth. That’s probably not a scam. Read more about that on their Weebly page for future employees at Veritas Inc.

One time, after an employee felt that they were let go unjustly, they wrote a complaint on a very nasty internet gripe site. I see this all of the time with marketing companies. This doesn’t just happen in Atlanta, it’s a world-wide problem. So then they had these bad online reviews on the front page of Google. This spells trouble for a marketing company that’s trying to grow, right?


They fixed it through social media marketing, creating fresh content for their blogs, and optimizing the crap out of them. If you want to know how they did it, keep reading the rest of this article…or just check out this social media marketing or Veritas Inc Jobs page for starters.

Optimize Your Content Like Veritas Inc Atlanta

Okay, so here’s what you do.

how to optimize my blogStep one: Create a blog on any of the free blogging platforms. WordPress is the best for SEO purposes so just go with that one. It’s what I’ve created this site on. Register your blog with your main keyword. Exact match domains (EMD) are tricky though. Be on the look-out for over-optimization penalties from Google with your EMD.

Step two: Write your first post with unique content that will both engage readers and notify the search engines what your site is about. Don’t copy this content from anywhere on the internet. If you do, you will get duplicate content penalties. Just do some research about your topic and then put your article in your own words. Make it easy to read and people will love it.

Step three: Go back through and organize your thoughts. Then, rearrange your content so that it is chunked into clear categories and subjects.

Step four: Put mini-titles (headers) above each section of your content. Online marketing experts have been doing this for years, but few too many bloggers know how to truly optimize their headers. Your main idea at the top of the page should be an H1 header while your secondary ideas should be in H2. You should only have one H1, but you may decide to have many h2’s, h3’s…all the way down to h5. Veritas Inc Atlanta has been very good about doing this and some of their content ranks tremendously well for it. Go see what they have on their Veritas Inc Atlanta blog to see what I mean.

Step five: Pop a title on that post with your keyword(s) in the beginning and change your URL to the title of your post as well. This way it won’t come out looking like It should look like this: Get the point?

Step six: Market your post to all of your other social networking profiles. Get your friends’ attention by putting an eye-catching headline on it just like all of the big-time advertisers do with those ads on the side of your Facebook wall.

If you want to after that, continue building links through other methods. I’ll have more on this later. Be sure to check out our marketing blog to stay updated!

Check out this video title “Veritas Inc Reviews” for an idea of how to market your YouTube videos that lead to sales conversions!

Also check out the company’s new site: Veritas Inc Atlanta Georgia

Wondering what the word ‘Veritas’ means?

More marketing information from Blitz Inc

Blitz Inc Bellevue

You already know that you can get used furniture on Craigslist. But, I investigated what Blitz Inc Bellevue has been doing lately. You might have even spent some time searching there for a part time job. You could’ve found your last apartment using the housing boards information. Have you ever considered using it for your business? There is actually a dedicated area for business and service promotions on Craigslist if you need it.

It’s one thing to know about Craigslist. Unfortunately, most people aren’t getting the results they’re looking for on Craigslist. There’s no doubt that this is the “go-to” resource for used clothes and furniture. I recently learned how Blitz Inc in Bellevue is utilizing this platform to promote their services. Most people even understand that they can use Craigslist to find homes and/or jobs. But, were you aware that Craigslist can be an instrumental tool for driving traffic to your business. No doubt about it! Craigslist really is a top notch place for taking care of marketing for your business. Of course, before you can use it successfully you need to understand what goes into creating a great promotion. Here is how to find more success through Craigslist.

Prior to posting your ads, you should first scan the ads posted by other people. Blitz Inc is good at achieving this. Do some exploring, and at minimum, look at your regional Craigslist marketing and promotional boards. Take a look at the types of ads that other people in your field of interest and market are posting. Take notice of your own responses to them. Which ads do you learn toward clicking through and why? This is exploration into what will help you enhance the targets for your own ads when you are primed for posting them. This way, you can post ads that don’t just appeal to you but that outshine the ads posted by others.

Blitz Inc Reviews

Don’t waste your time with ad tracking. Instead, focus your efforts on creating clean, clear, and simple copy for your ads. The purpose of these ads is to show your market knowledge to your audience. Blitz Inc Bellevue does this all of the time. More importantly, you aren’t overwhelming your audience. You don’t need the big, bold, and bright letters or glittery graphics to make an impression. Leave this for businesses that are not going to achieve lasting success. Use only two graphics in your ads. Save them for your sales page instead. Read these Blitz Inc reviews for additional information on how to do that. The primary goal of placing Craigslist ads is to provide yet another access point from which your audience can find the goods you have to offer. Your ad needs to send them to your site not turn them away.

blitz inc reviews

It is important to keep up with Craigslist’s terms of service and policies at all times. You do not want to accidentally violate them! Many marketers will try to game the system – that’s what they will do. Don’t become one if possible. You can use Craigslist to market online regardless of your experience level. It can send tons of traffic your way. Try not to get banned in the process. So make sure you read the terms of services regularly and check in to see if any new changes are being implemented.

It should only take a few minutes of your time and that few minutes could save you hundreds or even thousands in earnings. There are so many different factors that feed into your overall success on Craigslist. We have offered some advice that shall help you along the way. You will learn the rest, as time passes. It is critical that you not snub Craigslist because it is pretty powerful. It is not "over". In order to get the word out about your items and services, it’s still a successful technique. Blitz Inc Bellevue is absolutely efficient at this stuff, huh? Make sure you take a look at their social media sites as soon as possible.